Shine on you glorious diamond

Client: HVK Jewels

Exhibition: India International Jewellery Show (IIJS), 2015 - Mumbai
Venue: BCEC, Mumbai
Size: 72 sqm


Use the limited area available to create enough space to meet the client's display and business requirements without compromising on the pageantry or extravaganza.

The Idea

We were inspired by the lattice construction and elegant lines of the Chilean pavilion at Expo Milan designed by Cristián Undurraga who conceived this creation as a large beam of radiata pine wood. We designed a double-decker stand with the same elegant lines and covered it on three sides by lights specially manufactured for the occasion. With these specially designed lights, we converted the stand into a glittering diamond that could be seen from afar.

HVK's stand was also optimised through a 12-panel video wall (an engineering feat in itself) placed strategically on the upper deck of the stand. The video wall was used to highlight the brand as well as information on HVK's CSR initiatives. HVK ran an auction of a hand-crafted natural diamond pendant at the event and all proceeds from the auction were be donated to flood-affected victims in Uttarakhand.

The stall glittered like the diamond it was meant to represent, a beacon calling out to everyone, demanding attention.


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